Wednesday Quiz

Wednesday April 22nd 2009

Who would you say is your favourite actor of all time?

What’s that? Alex Pettyfer from Stormbreaker?

Fair enough. Probably wouldn’t have been my choice but fine. What about a favourite actress? Remember, you can choose anyone at all.

What? April Pearson from the first and second seasons of Skins? Are you certain?

OK. Well, you’ll probably like Tormented, a new British horror film that’s out on the 22nd of May. It’s about some teenagers who bully some guy and then he dies and comes back and kills them or something. And they have sex a few times. In the trailer.

If I was really putting the effort in, I’d upload the trailer to this website and then link to that here but I’m not in the mood to be honest. If you really care, Google.

If you’re less interested in Tormented, and more interested in Alex Pettyfer and April Pearson, you can watch a clip of them in the movie at Rotten Tomatoes and let’s just say it’s a scene without dialogue.