Tangential Plug: Song Wars Volume 2

Tuesday December 14th 2010

It goes without saying that a large proportion of people who read this blog probably like Adam and Joe as well. After all, you all have such wonderful taste. The second collection of their frequently amazing Song Wars creations is out now (Amazon) and it includes such hits as Hello Mr Ghost, Bathtime for Bowie, Nutty Room and This Week in Grazia.

Obviously you should buy it. No brainer, mate.

I’m mentioning this because we should have a few copies of the album to give away at Ultra Culture Cinema this Thursday. I really would recommend coming along if you’re in London on the night; there’s going to be loads of great stuff going on, even if the whole thing has sent me into a mad 2-day preparation panic. (Time of writing: 4am and I’ve got glue all over my fingers.)

So apologies if there’s a slight drop-off in blog quantity over the next few days, but rest assured I’m certainly not slacking off. See you on Thursday!