Gulliver’s Travels

Friday December 24th 2010

Despite a Rotten Tomatoes score almost as small as the people of Lilliput (you can have that one for free) and a pun-filled poster that made me want to cry sweet Christmassy tears, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might quite like Gulliver’s Travels. And I wasn’t far wrong.

Jack Black (or as the press notes have him, ‘star of Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black’) is back doing his School of Rock schtick and personally I’m still finding it funny. Not a laugh riot perhaps, but at least a mild altercation.

While it feels a half hour too long at 90 minutes, Gulliver’s Travels is well structured and entertaining in a mercifully uncynical way. No blowjob innuendos and outdated TV references for the parents here. Even the bit that was played for laughs in the trailer but clearly taken from the film’s emotional climax…

… has a certain amount of emotional depth behind it, and given that we started 2010 with the most shallow, emotionless pile of old toss imaginable (Did You Hear About The Morgans?) it’s nice to end it on something that’s essentially quite good-hearted.

Not a masterpiece mind you, but a solid 0.59.

Oh, and…