Harmony Korine extolls the joys of the Christmas season

Saturday December 25th 2010

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
My neighbour is a white witch rapper named ‘Lil Potion’. On Christmas morning he ties a dead deer to his bent basketball rim and then freestyle raps to the swaying deer corpse. I photograph him doing this every year. He drapes himself in Christmas lights and a pink bathrobe.

What are you doing this Christmas?
Kicking ass.

Do you have any favourite Christmas movies?
Pam and Tommy Lee’s sex tape.

Would you ever consider making a Christmas movie?
Hell yeah, I’d devote my life to Christmas shit.

What’s your least favourite thing about Christmas?
Everyone in my neighborhood having convulsions on their front porches. I live on a street that’s Mecca for people with epilepsy and for some reason Christmas brings out the fits.