Welcome to 2011

Tuesday January 4th 2011

Hello again, it’s been a while. I’ve had a few days off to recover from Love and Other Drugs and mentally prepare for Season of the Witch and I’m glad to announce that I’m now totally ready for 2011.

First off, here’s my exciting new Best of 2011 list, filled with nine shiny gems for you to look forward to this year, one of which is even out this Friday (spoiler alert: it’s the one where Colin Firth can’t speak proper). I’ve also archived last year’s list, which now also includes the five entries that went strangely missing when I posted them up here last week. Thanks a lot, WordPress.

So sit back, stop worrying about how Cowboys & Aliens is going to turn out, and get ready for another year of surprise smashes, massive letdowns and of course, Irreverent Movie Blogging™.