Win Joaqy Joaquin on Blu-ray!

Tuesday January 4th 2011

What better way to start 2011 than by giving away one of the best films of 2010? I made my feelings about Casey Affleck’s directorial debut I’m Still Here very clear back in September but having seen it again recently I can confirm that it’s a solid 0.83/1.

QUICK SIDE NOTE: Can people please stop whinging about the fact that Affleck revealed that the film was a hoax before most people had seen it? The movie itself was never supposed to ‘fool people’ – it’s got a cast list and writing credits for fuck’s sake. The only reason they had to keep up the illusion at all was to facilitate the production of the fucking thing. Now shut it. Thanks.

Anyway, the Blu-ray looks lovely and is rammed full of fascinating Behind the Scenes stuff and a commentary where you hear the real JP laughing and talking like a human being and stuff. Surreal.

If you’d like a copy, simply answer this simple question simply:

Competition Over.

UK entrants only. Winner selected at some point over the next few days probably maybe.