This week in Kevin James movies: The Dilemma

Tuesday January 18th 2011

Remember that movie where the really fat, unattractive woman went out with the slim, sexy man? No, me neither, BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN. The inverse situation, however, is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most pervasive trends, and this week it gets plain silly:

That’s right, everyone’s favourite mall cop has finally shacked up with Spock’s mum.

The Dilemma (or The Dilemna if you prefer) is a romantic comedy in which Vince Vaughn finds out that his best friend’s wife is cheating on him and has to decide whether or not to tell him. If that sounds more like the plot of an episode of Frasier than a feature length (and two hours at that) film, then you won’t be surprised to learn that the first 45 minutes of the movie are mostly composed of useless expositional crap.

HOWEVER, when it actually gets going, The Dilemma is actually a very decent comedy. The performances are mostly good (Vaughn is great), Ron Howard’s direction harmonises nicely with some surprisingly inventive humour, and even the film’s gender issues are subverted to a certain extent, i.e. female characters are allowed to do both good and bad things. Imagine that.

Basically, it’s here:

I really hope Four Christmases is as good as I remember it.