Bullshit Slash Film article of the week

Saturday January 15th 2011

I know Slash Film feel that they have to get at least twenty news items up every single day, and that when Comic Con isn’t on that means writing four paragraphs about a new ‘still’ from Thor or a vague rumour about whatever Christopher Nolan is working on, but there has to be a limit and on Wednesday that limit was reached.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the answer to the question ‘Is Blu-ray an inferior format to DVD?’ is an unqualified ‘No’, as writer David Chen appears to acknowledge in his mind-boggling opening paragraph:

‘We all know that Blu-Rays are loaded with better audio/video quality and superior special features when compared to DVD. But is the experience of watching them actually more enjoyable?’

WHAT? What the fuck does that even mean? Is he asking if Blu-ray actually make the films themselves better? He continues…

‘Let’s put aside the technical arguments for a moment, and simply ask: does the pleasure of watching Blu-Rays outweigh the potential annoyances? I love watching Blu-Rays, but there’s a reason why much of my Blu-Ray collection languishes on my shelf. The players aren’t up to snuff and the speed with which the discs load is terrible. Blu-Ray has killed the “casual watching” that I used to enjoy on DVD, where I could pop in a disc, skip the menus, and be up and running within seconds. With Blu-Ray, it frequently takes 30 seconds just to turn the damn thing on, let alone load a disc and slog through the trailers.’

WELL WOE IS FUCKING ME. 30 seconds you say? What an unparalleled disaster. My thoughts and feelings are with David at this incredibly difficult time.

If you too have been affected by the horror of half-minute loading times, please call freephone on 0800-THERE’S-A-SLIGHT-CHANCE-IT-COULD-BE-WORSE.