An ode to the byline photo of David Cox

Saturday January 22nd 2011

The first rule of journalism is that no one, and I mean no one, is allowed to have a flattering byline photo. My short-lived tenure as the film reviewer for the X-Factor Magazine proved this theory beyond the shadow of a doubt.

But while most critics look gormless, or pretentious, or infuriated, one man dares to look ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SICK OF THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT and that man is the Guardian’s David Cox.

While his articles are often thoughtful and well-reasoned, and from the looks of things his shirts are well-ironed, the expression he presents to the world is one of existential despair: one man, disillusioned with both the state of the nation and the calibre of his readers. He’s one bad date short of Travis Bickle.

Even the lighting of this oddly-Photoshopped image seems to suggest a barely-concealed fury burning inside the heart of Mr. Cox, with fierce red tones casting half of his face into a fiery shadowed darkness.

It doesn’t have to be this way, David. Things are looking up. There’s a Drive Angry 3D screening on Friday.

Just look how excited P-Brad is: