Calling all Pauls

Wednesday February 2nd 2011

After years of waiting, Greg Mottola’s Paul is finally ‘hitting cinemas’ on February 14th and to celebrate, we’re ‘teaming up’ with Universal Pictures to offer you a prize that’s quite literally out of this world (KILL ME NOW WITH FIRE).

We’ve got ten pairs of tickets to give away for a preview screening of the film exclusively for people with the name Paul (or Pauletta, Paula, Paulo etc.). I repeat: to attend, either you or your guest must have a name that sounds at least a little bit like Paul.

The screening is on February 8th at ‘a London location’, so don’t come crying to me if it turns out to be in the basement of Brixton Wetherspoons.

Here’s how you win:

Competition closed.

Word to the wise: don’t bother entering if you won’t be attending with at least one Paul. You will be asked to prove it.