Why we can’t talk about Brüno

Friday July 3rd 2009

You might have noticed we twittered last week about going to see Brüno but haven’t mentioned it since. Well, we did go and see Brüno but we can’t tell you about it until July 6th because of the embargo.

This is nothing new obviously. Embargoes have always been there to stop journalists revealing how shit Fighting was, or what a load of balls Awake is. Only recently however, have they caught up with ‘the internet’.

In times past, the definitions of words like ‘publication’ and ‘review’ was so vague that you could easily get away with this pre-embargo tweet about Watchmen or a rambly report of a Coraline screening.

Not any more however, when the new embargo requires you to agree

Not to blog, Twitter or Facebook thoughts about the film before 6th July.

meaning that a tweet such as this:

Or a Facebook message such as this:

would both be completely unacceptable.

Anything that could be defined as a

comment piece

is also prohibited, so I couldn’t even say that Brüno is a 9/10 film. Or 6/10 for that matter.

The world we live in, eh? Anyway, come back at the strike of midnight on the 6th July for a comprehensive Brüno review. If you fancy it.