Urgent correction

Tuesday February 22nd 2011

Everybody here at Ultra Culture (just me basically) would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the grievous error that graced the homepage of ultraculture.co.uk this fine Tuesday morning. In our inimitably irreverent style, we made casual reference to ITV’s popular dating show Take Me Out in our review of bible-bashing exorcism thriller The Rite and stated that…

… JoJo is STILL on the panel…

As anyone familiar with the show will already be well aware, this is inaccurate: after remaining on the panel for the entirety of the second series, JoJo was finally selected by singleton Dean on the episode of Saturday 19th February 2011. Unfortunately, the review was written two days earlier on Thursday 17th and the necessary amendment was not made before publication.

For this, we apologise unreservedly and hope that you can find it within your hearts to let us safeguard your trust once again. Otherwise, we’ll understand if you choose never to let our pixels illuminate your computer screen again.

In the words of a great philosopher, “no likey, no lightey”.