Screening Report: Brüno

Monday July 6th 2009

It’s the 6th of July and today, millions of Brüno reviews will go online. Most will say that it’s very, very funny but somewhat off-target satirically and the more annoying reviewers will either give away the funniest scenes or make Sunday-Times-style jokes about how extreme some of the humour is.

I saw Brüno a few weeks ago at a press screening at the Empire in Leicester Square. I had to go up early to collect my ticket which was a sort of standy uppy ticket that you could place boastfully on your desk if you worked at The Guardian or something. I didn’t have time to stand it up obviously because I only had it for about fifteen minutes.

There was a massive queue. Here’s a photo that doesn’t even slightly show how massive the queue was:

Here’s a map. I’m really desperate for you to understand how massive this queue was:

It was massive.

After we’d all gone in we had to sit for about 15 minutes listening to an endless rave-up remix of Womanizer before the movie started.

Here are a few things about Brüno:

  • I have never laughed more. At anything.
  • It makes Borat look extremely tame.
  • SBC has the ‘Best Comedy Actor’ Golden Globe in the bag.
  • It might be a bit crap in a small cinema/on DVD/on the internet.
  • In a big cinema it makes it easily on to the top end of our ‘Best of 2009’ list.


  • It is not as good as Borat.

That is all.