Gravelly-voiced man doesn’t know who he is

Saturday February 26th 2011

Unknown (cool title bro) is a Liam Neeson thriller in a vaguely similar vein to 2008’s surprise hit Taken, except this time there’s more amnesia and less Holly Valance.

Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, the man with the most doctor-y name in the world, who falls into a coma only hours after arriving in Berlin with his wife to attend a biotechnology summit. And yes, ‘biotechnology summit’ is cinematic shorthand for THIS MAN IS A GLOBALLY SIGNIFICANT SCIENCE PERSON AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT THAT LATER ON WHEN YOU’RE TRYING TO WORK OUT WHY SOMEBODY MIGHT WANT TO STEAL HIS IDENTITY but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Awoken four days later, Dr. Martin finds that another man has assumed his identity and is living happily with his wife. You might want to pop a hat on because there’s a good chance your mind just got thoroughly blown. Speaking of hats, it turns out Frank Langella is still wearing his costume from The Box three years on:

That’s just plain lazy.

113 lengthy minutes pass before Unknown finally shows its (not entirely disappointing) cards and even then it’s hard to tell whether or not it’s actually been ‘a good movie’. It’s certainly no Taken but it does manages some fairly diverting set pieces and stops just short of wearing its central premise thin. I’d like to say it’s a three-star film but let’s be fair…

It’s a 0.52.