A lovely bit of art for a Sunday morning

Sunday March 6th 2011

I went down to London’s glamourous Southbank Centre yesterday for a one-off screening of Christian Marclay’s mind-blowing 24-hour art film The Clock. Constructed from thousands of carefully selected clips, Marclay’s film acts as a cinematic timepiece – illustrating every minute of its epic runtime with a film scene that takes place at that exact time. So at 6am, Bill Murray wakes up in Groundhog Day. At 10:04pm, lightning strikes the clock tower in Back to the Future. And so on.

I watched about an hour last night and can confirm that it’s absolutely excellent: a fascinating, hypnotic history of cinema condensed down to a single timeline. It continues at the Southbank Centre until 6:30pm today and admission is free so get down there if you can.

It also got me thinking about a thing I made while I was at art school. I collected together death scenes from 36 Hitchcock movies (he’s famous don’t you know) and synchronised them so that they all climax at the exact same instant. I did it a few months before Marclay made The Clock so I’m the genius and he’s the fraud. Anyway, if you’ll allow me to be so indulgent, I’ll just leave it here:

(Deaths occurs at 2:05.)