Y’all Serious?

Tuesday July 14th 2009

I just read on /Film that Universal are re-editing Bruno down to a 15-rating and releasing it alongside the existing 18-rated film in an effort to bring in the kids.

Here’s a quote from someone:

To prevent growing disappointment among younger fans who have not been able to see Brüno in its opening weekend, Universal Pictures UK has also taken the unprecedented step of releasing a specially edited version with a ‘15’ certificate to go into theaters across the UK and N. Ireland from Friday, July 24th. This is the first time ever in the UK that two different versions of a single film have been released at the same time.

They say it like it’s a good thing. This is a terrible idea. It’s like releasing a U-rated version of Schindler’s List without all that pesky Holocaust stuff.

Stuff likely to get cut, based on the BBFC’s original guidelines, includes:

  • ‘A montage of exaggerated sexual activity between Bruno and his boyfriend.’
  • ‘Bruno comically miming fellatio and anilingus as he pretends to have oral sex with a deceased person with whom he is in contact through a medium.’
  • ‘Sex between couples at a swingers’ party, with sexual detail obscured.’

Shame on you Universal, shame on you.