You are all very talented

Monday March 21st 2011

On Saturday I asked you to send me ideas for new action thrillers and promised in turn to reward the best ones with some beautiful Olly Moss Source Code posters. Well the answers came LITERALLY FLOODING in and as it turns out, you’re a clever bunch of fuckers.

It was genuinely tough to pick the best entries, but in the end there were only two premises that I felt needed to be greenlit without delay. So if there are any studio bigwigs reading, let the bidding war commence with this treatment from Alex Jeffreys:

A man has brain damage that affects the area of the brain used to remember faces (entirely a real thing: He has to find and kill the person who killed his brother, which is made difficult due to his condition. Each character except the main one will be played by multiple actors, changing each time the protagonist forgets their face. There will be a heart-wrenching moment in the third act when he looks at a photo of his brother but can’t recognize him, leading him to ponder on whether it is worth fighting for a person he can’t even remember, and a bit where he looks in the mirror and sees another actor’s face look back (just like in Source Code!). The film will explore issues of identity and revenge, and will have an ending so clever it will make everyone forget that the entire thing is actually quite similar to Memento.

High concept, I LIKE IT.

Our second winner is Freddie Scadding with his Saw-style survival thriller:

A woman regains consciousness to find she is chained to a radiator, as protagonists in horror/action films are prone to do. A massive nut hangs in front of her mouth. A written message informs her that inside the massive nut is the key to her restraints. Said nut is well out of reach of her beshackled hands, and must be eaten to release its contents. THE TWIST! She is highly allergic to nuts and will definitely die if she even licks the massive nut, let alone put it in her mouth. She finds a syringe full of sperm has been selotaped to her hand. She must inject her virgin uterus with the sperm, gestate a baby, birth the baby, raise the baby until it can eat solids and stand upright and get the baby to eat the nut and free her. She will not die of hunger because she had a big lunch the day before. THE SECOND TWIST! She eventually leaves the room with her son, and it is revealed that the whole story took place in Nazareth 2000 years ago and her son becomes the figurehead of a major new religion.

Title: The Newborn Ultimatum.

I’d drop the second twist but otherwise: EXCELLENT.

One last hat-tip goes to runner up Wil Jones who won’t be receiving a poster but did make me chuckle with his singularly concise pitch:

Die Hard in a zoo.