Unbelievably Crap British Film of the Week

Wednesday July 15th 2009

Statement 1
I watched Red Mist on DVD yesterday.

Statement 2
I watched one of the worst horror films I’ve ever seen yesterday.

Statement 3
Statements 1 through 2 are not m
utually exclusive.

It really was fucking terrible.

It’s from director Paddy Breathnach, who did the equally awful Shrooms, and it’s literally impossible to work out what on Earth everyone was thinking when they made it.

It’s even the worst Arielle Kebbel film, and she’s been in The Uninvited, John Tucker Must Die and American Pie: Band Camp.

I’ve just bought a Mac and I can’t work out how to screenshot DVDs, so I had to take photos with my camera when the boredom got too much. Excuse the quality. Here’s a woman who seems to have been cast solely because she looks like Keira Knightley’s less attractive sister:

Here’s a man who looks like a cross between Dane Cook and Mike Skinner:

And here’s the moment when Voldemort popped up for a bit:


Anyway it’s not remotely scary, logical, well acted, entertaining or original, so if you haven’t already guessed, AVOID.