Friday April 1st 2011

I was re-reading my review of Zack Snyder’s feminist action epic Sucker Punch yesterday and I don’t know what I was smoking when I wrote it, but it’s way off the mark. It seems like I was accusing the film of misogyny, which is blatantly not true, especially when the director himself has openly stated that the film is…

‘a crazy, sort of, commentary on genre films and what is sexuality and why the girls are dressed like that.’

(via Film School Rejects)

It all seems so obvious now! How could I have been so blind? Snyder is showing us characterless women enjoying their own degradation because that’s what we want to see! What are we like, eh?

I also said that the action sequences were no good, but what I hadn’t noticed at the time was that there are LOADS OF FUCKING GUNS AND SHIT all over the place. Awesome awesome awesome.

You should see how much ass those girlies kick! It’s like they don’t even have vaginas. And the men get all up in their grills being like, ‘yo whore, dance for me’ (which is kind of hot because then we get to see Emily Browning being sexy) but then she’s like POW, YOU MISOGYNISTIC BASTARD! TAKE THIS! with the kicking and the punching and everything.

It looks like Girl Power is back and if you can’t handle that, get lost!

Sorry for what I said, Zack! Forgives? x x x