Sign of The Times

Saturday April 2nd 2011

When I found out (via Twitter, natch) that I’d been listed in The Times100 Best Arts Tweeters feature, I quickly rushed online to check it out. Unfortunately the list, along with the rest of their content, is behind a paywall now, so in the end I had to go to an actual newsagents to pick up a copy. Turns out they have a paywall there too: it’s called £1.

I carried the paper home and immediately began searching for my entry in the small amount of text that hadn’t rubbed off on my fingers during the five minute walk. Seriously, how do they make these things? Is someone charcoaling the words on by hand?

I found myself at No. 54, although they were all grouped by category so numbering them is slightly misleading. Still, hope the weather’s nice down there, ‘Variety’.

Here’s what they had to say about my fabulous Twitter feed:

Now, I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds or anything, but seriously: if you can spell my name right once, how the fuck do you get it wrong nine words later? Also, it would obviously be incredibly arrogant to link to my own Wikipedia entry, but here’s my Wikipedia entry and as it will attest, I was not 18 three years ago.

You’d think I’d just be grateful, wouldn’t you? Think again.