After all that…

Monday April 4th 2011

Fearing mandatory cuts, Optimum Releasing went to great lengths to secure permission to show gore-soaked misogyny-fest I Saw The Devil at the ICA without a certificate. As it turns out, the DVD release has just been passed uncut at 18, so it was all for nothing.

No word on whether this will lead to a wider theatrical release come April 29th, but at least we’ll all be able to see it in full on DVD & Blu on May 9th.

That said, it’s fairly hard to comprehend why the BBFC decided that I Saw The Devil‘s rape scene was okay when I Spit On Your Grave‘s was not, given that the former (in which an unknown woman is delighted to be raped by a total stranger) is blatantly more objectionable. Anyway, see it for youself and make your own mind up.

In other news, I’m on the poster! Hooray!