How to market a western in 2011

Wednesday April 6th 2011

Kelly Reichardt’s supremely languid anti-western Meek’s Cutoff finally arrives in UK cinemas next week. Let’s take a closer look at how distributor Soda Pictures are selling it…

As you can see, they’ve gone with a variety of ‘western-y’ typefaces and some sepia-toned cast images to aptly convey the atmosphere of the film.

They’ve also highlighted some of the film’s countless positive reviews, from outlets including The Guardian, Time Out and Village Voice.

And look, there’s even a quote from popular film-magazine-that-isn’t-Empire, Total Film. They’ve given the film 4/5 stars and in their inimitably lazy way, alluded to similarities between it and True Grit. The films are entirely dissimilar of course, but DEY IS BOF WESTENS AND TRUE GRIT DID WELL AT DUH BOX OFFISS, RITE?

Total Film: doing PRs’ work for them since 1997.