Win Win

Tuesday May 3rd 2011

Fox Searchlight are well known for making films that are charming but forgettable, and in that sense, Win Win is the most archetypal Fox Searchlight movie ever made. Detailing the UNCONVENTIONAL FRIENDSHIP between a FLAWED BUT WELL-MEANING MIDDLE-AGED MAN (Paul Giamatti) and a TROUBLED BUT BRILLIANT TEENAGER (newcomer Alex Shaffer), the film explores themes of ALTRUISM, GUILT AND REDEMPTION with a mix of QUIRKY HUMOUR and HEARTFELT DRAMA.

Even the rating – a very soft R in the States and a 15 over here – seems designed to court the grown-up market without alienating the teen demographic, even if it seems Fox were aiming for a slightly softer judgement this side of the pond:

Still, for all its clichés, it would be impossible to really dislike a film that’s so innately inoffensive, which is probably why it’s rocking 95% on Rotten Tomatoes alongside other ‘quite good’ Searchlight films like Cedar Rapids, (500) Days of Summer and Adam.

Looks like I just made it 96.