Life in a Day

Thursday April 14th 2011

I didn’t bother seeing Kevin Macdonald’s Channing Tatum-y Roman epic The Eagle when it slinked into cinemas last month, partly because I assumed it would be more Last King of Scotland than State of Play and partly because I was far too busy being excited about his crowdsourced Youtube documentary Life in a Day. And with good reason.

Constructed from over 4500 hours of footage all shot on the same day (July 24th 2010 if you’re taking notes), Life in a Day is a remarkable feat of organisation, collaboration and editing. Much like Christian Marclay’s The Clock, it plays out chronologically – starting and ending at midnight – but also progresses thematically and tonally across its 95 minutes runtime.

It’s hard to say much about it without risking spoilers but you will laugh, you will cry and you will have a good long think about the world and your place in it. It’s a film that would have been completely inconceivable just ten years ago and yet it feels as timeless as a Human Planet or a Wonders of the Universe. It’s out June 17th. Put it in your diary.