Indiewatch: Adam

Monday August 3rd 2009

I saw the heartwarming American indie film Adam about 45 minutes after the horrific Lars von Trier mutilation-fest Antichrist, and to be honest, my mind wasn’t fully with it.

I just couldn’t understand why quirky children’s author Beth was being so nice to her charming loner neighbour Adam. Surely she was just lulling him into a false sense of security before she bludgeoned his genitals with a mallet and drilled through his ankle with a rusty screw.

But enough with the jokes. Adam isn’t half bad. It deals with its obligatory serious subject matter (Asperger syndrome) in surprising depth and never strays too far down the quirk road. The acting’s pretty solid and the plot is quite subversive considering the Fox-Searchlight-Archetypal-Offbeat-Indie genre it’s been pigeonholed into.

Apart from anything else, it’s always interesting to watch a love story starring Will Young and Natalie Portman:

That’s another joke for you there.

Oh, and…