Not what I was expecting but amazing nonetheless

Wednesday May 25th 2011

‘Regular readers’ will remember that a few months ago I ran a competition to win a pack of chalks. Entrants were required to describe what they would draw with the chalks, and a winner was picked on the condition that they would provide me with pictorial proof of said drawing.

In the end, Loma Coma Morant took home the prize, for her offer of…

‘A still life of the chalks above spilling out of the box, with a portrait of William Shatner and Lyn from Neighbours beaming lasers at each other from their eyes.’

She’s just delivered me the end result which you can see above. From what I can tell, she doesn’t appear to have actually used the chalks (or at least they’ve been heavily edited in Illustrator) and the ‘chalks spilling out of the box’ element of the picture is nowhere to be seen, unless those colour grids at the bottom are actually an abstract representation, in which case, BRILLIANT. But you can’t argue with her astounding likenesses of both Shatner and Neighbours‘ Lyn Scully (as portrayed by actress Janet Andrewartha) and all in all, it’s just a lovely piece of work.

Thanks Loma!