Guess what’s in this delightful package

Thursday June 2nd 2011

I was delivered this lovely gift-wrapped package this morning and could barely contain my excitement as I took it from the postman’s hands and peeked inside the provocative little tear on its front. Something green didst lie therein and when I got it inside and ritualistically undressed it from its glossy receptacle, I found it to be this:

A FUCKING FOAM HAND VERSION OF THOSE WEIRD DVD STICKERS! It was all thanks to marketing agency Feref, who I’d been talking to on Twitter about the stickers just a few days earlier. As it turns out, they created the design and even won a British Video Association award for it.

I quickly set about ‘loving’ as much ‘it’ as possible.

I love this UK quad poster for Brad Silberling’s 1995 Casper movie.

I love my Blu-ray collection, even Casino Royale (sort of).

I love the rooftops of ‘leafy’ Putney in South West London.

But most of all I love 16p Sainsburys own-brand sparkling water, a half-drunk carton of orange juice and some rancid milk.