Just Another Love Story

Saturday July 25th 2009

I couldn’t make it to any of the screenings for Danish film noir Just Another Love Story so the PR company very kindly sent me a DVD of it. It’s certainly not their fault but I do wish that Revolver could put together a slightly better DVD. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to watch an independent Danish film on a non-anamorphic image with a timecode, copyright warning and English subtitles plastered over the top. Especially if you’re a total fidelity queen like myself.

J.A.L.S. is a very good film very badly executed. It’s plot and script are amazing but the acting is only alright, a lot of the cinematography is overly gimmicky (yeah, I know about cinematography) and it just goes on for too long. Luckily for us, it’s being remade in the US which, as we well know, is ALWAYS a good thing. I’d go with Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Green and someone who hasn’t done a lot of serious roles before, like Seann William Scott. And David Cronenberg to direct.

Get to work, Hollywood.