Another exploitation spoof because that’s what the world needs

Tuesday June 14th 2011

I’m gonna try not to rag too hard on Hobo With A Shotgun because as far as exploitation spoofs go, it’s a pretty good one. Far better than Machete at least. It’s got plenty of inventive violence, a nice enough performance by Rutger Hauer and hoards of villains dressed like the cast of Grease. All of which might make for a brilliant 30 minute short, but wear a little thin at feature length.

Now I’d argue that this is less the fault of Hobo With A Shotgun and more the fault of the genre itself. Surely there’s a point at which simply mimicking schlocky films from the past for post-modern irony LOLs ceases to be funny, and I’d say that point was reached around the time someone put up $2 million to make Lesbian Vampire Killers, a film whose Wikipedia plot synopsis ends with…

Even if you like the whole ‘let’s watch a crap film from the 70s and laugh at how dated it is’ thing (and personally it’s not my figurative cup of tea), surely it’s a fairly hollow victory if you’re laughing at something that’s been specifically designed to be lame/schlocky/dated/offensive? You might as well lionise Nic Cage for being in shitty movies. Oh wait.

Anyway, like I say, none of this is really Hobo With a Shotgun‘s fault, and I imagine most people will enjoy its self-conscious tastelessness up to a point. But beneath the contrived tackiness and graphic violence, bla bla bla coherent conclusion.