Are you free on Wednesday? I’ve got 8 tickets for Fright Night.

Saturday July 2nd 2011

Come off it Yelchin-haters, Fright Night is going to be amazing and you know it. The UK release is set for September 2nd which means ‘your man on the street’ has a two-month wait ahead of him before he gets to dip his toes into any kind of Farrell-based vampire shenanigans, but thanks to the beautiful people at Disney UK I’ve got four pairs of tickets to give away for a screening of the film this Wednesday. Here are the deets:

Wednesday 6th July
6:00 for 6:30 start
Central London venue

I’ll be in attendance as well, but if you do win don’t go thinking you can hang out with me like we’re pals or something. This relationship is strictly business, y’hear?

To gain possession of the tickets, simply comment below with your idea for a genuinely scary horror scene. Don’t bother interpreting the question in a ‘funny way’ or writing anything along the lines of ‘getting stuck in a lift with Peter Andre LMAO’ because you won’t win. Just think of something scary and explain it as clearly and concisely as possible. Best four win.

Note: Fright Night isn’t rated yet, so feel free to bring your small children.