Friday July 31st 2009

Orphan is ‘the latest in a long line’ of horror films about scary kids.

It is not at all a good film but its also not the worst 122 minutes of moving image I’ve ever seen in my life. You might want to compare it favourably to The Uninvited, of which it is reminiscent but also superior.

Then again, it isn’t difficult to be superior to The Uninvited and I spent most of the film wondering how on Earth they got talented individuals like Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga on board.

Optimum are very eager that journalists (including the blogs) DO NOT reveal the movie’s twist ending but as we all know, Ultra Culture is not in the business of bowing to corporate pressure and if we want to reveal plot details, we damn well will.

So here it is. Highlight the hidden text in the following sentence if you think you’re man enough.

The twist ending of the movie Orphan is really crap.

Take that censorship!