Fright Night successfully delivers on night, fails to provide fright

Monday August 29th 2011

Hidden behind a haze of 3D smog so thick that even paler-than-pale Anton Yelchin remains visually imperceptible, Fright Night is one of 2011’s blandest horror movies. Supposedly an upscale alternative to the Prom Nights and Disturbias of this world, this remake of the 1985 sort-of-classic has a decent cast including Colin Farrell and Chris Mintz-Plasse and a solid director in the form of Craig Gillespie (wot done Lars and the Real Girl), but its ambitions seem so feebly compromised at every turn that, by the end, its plot feels about as defined as its cinematography.

[Bet you didn’t see that analogy coming, suckaaaaa.]

The gay subtext of the original film is gone, and lead teen Charley’s adult accomplice is now a Las Vegas magician rather than a TV star, but otherwise the plot is roughly the same. David Tennant plays the cockney magician role in his first American movie appearance, but there are no prizes for guessing who might have been their first choice…

There’s a certain amount of fun to be had with Colin Farrell being ‘a bit of a badass’ but eventually you just end up with the feeling that everyone involved had better things to be doing and were basically going through the motions. Which incidentally is how I feel writing this review.

It’s a bad movie that’s bad and you shouldn’t see it.