A gargantuan cache of Eurotrip stuff

Friday July 15th 2011

If for some stupid, illogical reason you missed the spectacular night that was Ultra Culture Cinema #07: EuroTrip (geographical distance is no excuse) then you’ll be glad to know that BBC One are showing the film tonight at 11:35pm. It’s even being simulcast on their HD channel!

To celebrate, here’s a load of stuff I put together for that special night in May that I’ve only just deemed fit for online consumption. The following content is best enjoyed with a large glass of absinthe after a viewing of the film, so feel free to pop back here at 12:58am. Voila:

1. An absurdly long, 2500-word review of the film.

2. An interview with comedian J. P. Manoux, who plays Robot Man.

3. An interview with German actress Jessica Boehrs, who plays Mieke.

4. An interview with Nial Iskhakov, who plays Scotty’s younger brother Bert. (Online exclusive)

5. A self-indulgent account of my trip to Prague, where the film was shot.