Why not win this lovely Mike Mills art book?

Wednesday July 20th 2011

As you may have gathered from my big gushy review this morning, I pretty much loved Beginners. Something which I suspect I’d love just as much is this→ new book by director Mike Mills, the content of which he explains thusly:

‘I wrote and directed a film called Beginners, and in that film there is a character named Oliver Fields who is portrayed by the actor Ewan McGregor. This fictional character and I have some things in common: We both draw and do graphic design, we both have dogs, both of our fathers came out of the closet very late in life, and we both did record covers for a very real band called The Sads. Gathered here are the drawings that appear in the film, along with the many drawings I did to come up with those drawings, and new drawings about all the important things in life; love, sexual freedom, history, and Neanderthals’

I’ve got one shiny new copy of the book to give away and all you have to do to win is write the name of an American actress in the comment box below. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges using criteria that have yet to be decided. Best of luck!

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In cinemas 22nd July.