Blogommendation: The Lawrence & Julie & Julia Project

Wednesday July 27th 2011

Don’t ask why, but since last November, Northwestern University student Lawrence Dai has been watching the 2009 comedy-drama Julie & Julia — which I hee-lariously described as ‘unbearable shit’ on this blog last March — once a day, every day. He’s aiming to complete a full year of this unimaginable torture and, 239 days in, has yet to resort to self-harm.

You can keep up to date with Lawrence’s Herculean task at his fantastic blog, which over the course of nine months has already seen his opinion of the film shift from ‘simply delightful!’ to ‘not very good’. And as well as documenting this increase in Lawrence’s critical faculties, the blog also looks at elements of the film as diverse as product placement, the role of rigging gaffer Francis Buddy McBride and a spurious connection with Rain Man. Lawrence has even been invited to Julie & Julia parties by fans of the blog, which sadly almost never happens to me with EuroTrip.

This is one for your bookmarks.