On Friday the 20th of November 2009…

Thursday August 6th 2009

… two Steven Soderbergh movies are being released in the UK on the same day.

The Girlfriend Experience is a low-budget art film shot on digital and starring a porn star.

The Informant! is a high-budget Hollywood heist film starring one of the world’s most bankable movie stars.

They’re not even being released by the same distributor (Revolver and Warner Bros. respectively) but presumably Revolver picked their date based on the added publicity that The Informant! was bound to attract.

Either way, this is going to make one hell of a double bill at the Curzon Soho.


Also out on the 20/11/09:

Fangirl-baiting Twilight follow-up The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The Coen Brothers’ eagerly awaited black comedy A Serious Man.

Don’t make plans basically.