A slight problem with the poster for Martha Marcy May Marlene

Tuesday August 23rd 2011

Presumably invented to justify the existence of ‘social media consultants’ and their ilk, QR codes are both essentially pointless and inescapably awesome. You can simply point your QR-enabled phone at one and be magically transported to a web address of the creator’s choosing. IT’S LIKE TYPING IN A URL WITH NO HANDS!!

The QR code on this poster for Martha Marcy May Marlene re-directs to http://is.gd/jPudSV, a shortened URL that leads to a teaser trailer for the film. Unfortunately for Fox Searchlight, some QR readers (including mine) are not case-sensitive and will instead point users to http://is.gd/jpudsv, a link that until an hour ago led nowhere.

I say ‘until an hour ago’ because one of my hee-larious Twitter followers has now pointed it at the ‘Human feces’ Wikipedia entry.

Social media in action!