Blogommendation: The Movie Title Stills Collection

Tuesday September 13th 2011

I know this is INCREDIBLY old news for some of you (I had to check that I hadn’t already mentioned it on here) but if you’re not familiar with The Movie Title Stills Collection then you really should be.

Maintained by graphic designer Christian Annyas, the website houses a comprehensive collection of title cards for every year from 1920 to 2011, allowing you to chart the progression of this commonly overlooked art form over the decades. For example, did you know that 2007 was officially the dullest year ever for title cards?

Check out Atonement all cock of the walk with its fancy-pants underline.

Elsewhere, Christian has also assembled some b-e-a-utiful special features including a study of Saul Bass title sequences and a selection of Warner Brothers ‘The End’ cards ranging from 1924 to 1967.

Visit the site at your own risk, you may lose a day or two.