Fernando Meirelles’ 360 to open this year’s London Film Festival

Wednesday August 24th 2011

With the announcement back in July that this year’s London Film Festival would be Sandra Hebron‘s last as creative director, the pressure was on for her to find an opening night film worthy of drawing her epic stint there to a close.

She’s found that film in 360, the new one from Fernando Meirelles of City of God and The Constant Gardener fame. (He also made Blindness but we don’t talk about that.) His latest is a ‘sexual drama’ set across Europe and starring Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Foster and… er… Marshall Mathers. Eminem.

Hebron had this to say:

‘I’m delighted that 360 will be our opening night film, and very pleased to welcome back Fernando Meirelles and Peter Morgan to the Festival. With its impeccable film making credentials and intriguing premise, 360 combines masterful visual story telling with a modern and moving narrative, helped by strong performances from a terrific ensemble cast. It will be a pleasure to open this year’s Festival with such an accomplished film from one of international cinema’s finest film makers.’

Sounds good, but then again she said basically the same thing about 127 Hours and we all know how that turned out (let’s just say it doesn’t deserve 127, Robbie Collin).

The closing night film should be announced ‘within the coming weeks’ and this year’s press launch is September 7th, at which point I’ll get to work on one of those incredibly labourious ’30 Films to See’ features you DEMAND from me every year. You don’t know you’re born, you lot.