Friday September 16th 2011

Bona fide sex festival Ryan Gosling finally gets the action hero role he always deserved in Drive, which premiered at Cannes back in May and has only just seen fit to grace UK shores with its presence. Back ‘on the Croisette’, it seemed like a solid contender for the Palme d’Or given it was basically the only eligible film that wasn’t about child abuse, but in the end it came away with nothing more than a (justly deserved) Best Director win for everybody’s favourite thumb-with-a-face Nicolas Winding Refn.

Stylish to the point of insanity, Refn’s film somehow manages the whole ’80s neo-noir’ thing without being even slightly irritating. In fact, the rumbling synth soundtrack and abundance of neon shit everywhere actually feel oddly contemporary when they’re presented so matter-of-factly.

As it’s 2011, Carey Mulligan obviously appears in a supporting role, and though it’s only a small one she gets ample chance to do that delightful little chipmunk smile that everyone loves. Also present: Oscar Isaac, a.k.a. the REPREHENSIBLE BASTARD from Sucker Punch. He’s a bit of a bad apple in this one too (spoiler alert) but his heart’s in the right place.

Bold, elegant and yet astonishingly violent at times, Drive is one of those rare wannabe-cult movies that actually deserves the respect it craves. And if you don’t see it I’m going to personally come round your house and call you Mr. Loser Pants.