As my banner ads have been telling you for weeks now, you should see Kill List

Wednesday August 31st 2011

It’s quite hard to find a decent still from Kill List (hence the distinctly Knowing-esque one above) because on the surface at least, it’s not an attractive movie. Watch the trailer and you’d be forgiven for assuming it was one of those straight-to-DVD gangster movies that invariably feature Dexter Fletcher, full of low-rent digital cinematography and vaguely recognisable soap stars. Albeit a straight-to-DVD gangster movie with an unusually artsy soundtrack.

Luckily you need only get as far as the film’s incredible opening titles (and they really are INCREDIBLE) to realise that Kill List is an entirely different beast. It’s a film that straddles genres while remaining tonally sound; a film that’s exhilarating while you’re watching it and fascinating in hindsight; a film that’s substance-over-style but also immensely stylish; and a film that makes exemplary use of Helvetica.


It’s also a film that would be completely destroyed by explanation, so I’ll say nothing more for now and instead remind you that the film’s OUT THIS FRIDAY and desperately NEEDS TO BE SEEN. Because, you know what, it’s…