Win a probably-awesome poster and tickets to see Drive!

Tuesday August 30th 2011

I know this blog’s been a little competition-heavy over the last couple of weeks (Warning: there’s another one coming this weekend) so I promise I’ll keep this brief.

Drive is astoundingly good and easily one of the best films of the year, but I haven’t reviewed it yet because I’m a dick. A lovely bunch of people called Reprint are previewing the film at a special event at the Curzon Soho on Thursday 8th September, where they’ll also be unveiling an exclusive poster for the film designed by lovely Paul Blow. Further details at the Facebook here.

I’ve got a pair of tickets and two of the posters (worth £40 each HOMG) to give away and all you have to do to win them is be the first person to solve this hastily-drawn crossword puzzle and re-arrange the highlighted letters to spell the name of a popular fruit. Then type your answer in the comment box underneath.

First correct answer wins — get a move on!