Real Steel

Monday October 10th 2011

Director of questionable integrity Shawn Levy is back in a big way this week with Real Steel, a story of futuristic boxing robots and the men who ‘train’ them. [At the time of writing, this is definitely a real film and not a satirical story on the Onion News Network.] Hugh Jackman stars alongside irritating child actor Dakota Goyo, and the film is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, which is industry speak for ‘contains a neglectful father’.

And when I say neglectful, I’m talking tries-to-beat-up-a-bull-with-a-robot-in-the-opening-scene neglectful. Sells-his-son-to-a-wealthy-businessman-ten-minutes-later neglectful.

As you may have guessed by now, Real Steel is a movie built to a very specific model. See if you can guess a few of its narrative twists and turns:

If you answered mostly b’s then congratulations: you are now a Hollywood screenwriter.