It’s time to kiss and make up with Kevin Smith

Monday September 26th 2011

Less than twenty four hours after I wrote about Kevin Smith’s cancelling of a UK press screening for his new movie Red State, he took to his online radio network SModcast to complain about the arrogance of certain ‘UK blogs’. I think he was mainly referring to The Shiznit, whose write-up of the incident was a little more vitriolic than mine, but I have to admit I was still a little upset by the rebuke.

I’ve considered myself a fully-fledged fan of Smith (or @ThatKevinSmith as he prefers to be known now) ever since I discovered Clerks at the age of 14, after which I rapidly absorbed all of his movies, books, stand-up shows and podcasts. I can honestly say the only time I’ve felt properly disappointed in him is when I saw Cop Out, which as he willingly admits, was a load of old balls.

So to hear myself bundled in — however obliquely — with ‘the haters’ because I’d dared to question his PR technique, hurt quite a bit. I mean, I wrote the piece more as a disappointed fan than an incensed critic, and suddenly I was being admonished by one of my teenage heroes for what he perceived as self-entitlement. Please love me Dad! WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?!?

Anyway, either I’m subconsciously trying to make amends for my irreverence or K-Smith’s just made his best movie in more than a decade, because I pretty much loved Red State. Deftly blending horror and satire with its story of a Westboro-inspired extremist group who kidnap three teenagers, the film effortlessly maintains suspense despite frequent diversions into comedy.

Also: Kevin Smith shoots action like a boss. Who knew?

There’s a good chance I’ll watch the film again in six months and be distracted by its flaws (they’re certainly there, mostly in the last half hour) but until then I’m just going to bask in the comfort of being back in Kevin’s good books. Feel free to join me — it’s pretty roomy in here.