Best. Thursday. Ever.

Friday October 7th 2011

Massive thanks to everyone who came down to the Water Poet in Shoreditch last night for mine and Olly Moss’s Simpsons night and helped to make it such a success. Across four painstakingly hilarious hours we watched Lemon of Troy, And Maggie Makes Three, Treehouse of Horror V, Cape Feare, Homer at the Bat, Last Exit to Springfield and Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, raising over £1000 for the Red Cross in the process. There was also an unpossibly difficult Simpsons quiz and a Bomer-drawing competition, with the winner taking home an ultra-exclusive print of Olly’s stunning poster for the Treehouse of Horror segment The Shinning:

Thanks again for daring the cold if you came out, and if I get my way, I’ll see you at Frasier Night.