Gerwigwatch: The Dish and the Spoon

Tuesday October 18th 2011

After she successfully transferred her lovely indie face to the mainstream in the surprisingly brilliant Arthur remake (don’t believe the h8as), you’d be forgiven for assuming that Greta Gerwig had left her mumbleroots behind for good. Happily, thirty seconds of LFF-er The Dish and the Spoon should be more enough to dispel that notion.

The film sees Gerwig paired up with Olly Alexander, of ‘he was a bit annoying in Enter the Void‘ fame, for an hour and a half of quirky dates, symbolic conversations and atmospheric walks along the beach. They make for quite a cute couple, despite their courtship being constantly undermined by the fact that THEY HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME FACE.

That aside, The Dish and the Spoon has little to offer the mumblecanon beyond three or four reasonably neat ideas stretched absurdly to feature length. And given there’s a thin line between mumblecore and am-dram at the best of times, it doesn’t help that neither Gerwig nor Alexander seem particularly switched on here.

(Don’t worry, she’s still awesome.)

Too good-natured to hate but familiar enough to be instantly forgettable, The Dish and the Spoon is one for mumblecompletists only. More Arthurs plz, Greta.