Why I ♥ Sony

Monday August 24th 2009

First off, let me attempt to convince you that this post is not just a shameless promotion of Sony in exchange for them giving me some free stuff. Sony continues to be, and has always been, my multinational conglomerate corporation of choice. I’ve said before that Sony is my favourite screening venue, they’ve distributed several of my favourite movies this year and I’ve invested hundreds of pounds in their high-quality goods, as this photograph taken in the reflection of a TV can attest to:

There’s also a Playstation 2 sitting just out of frame. Anyway, you get the message. I Love Sony, no matter what that may or may not have given me last week. OK, I know what you’re wondering…

This is:

Yeah motherfucker. It all happened when I went to a ‘BD Live Press Day’ last week to sample Sony’s latest offerings. BD Live is the name for all the online capabilities of Sony’s Blu-ray releases. It basically involves stuff like quizzes and soundtrack info and movie trivia and (probably the bit that will catch on fastest) instant messaging while you’re watching the movie.

The long and the short of it is that Blu-ray is fucking incredible. It looks incredible. It sounds incredible. And I have absolutely zero doubt that in 5-10 years it will be outselling DVD.

The only thing that is uncertain is how long people will continue to put the hyphen in ‘Blu-ray’ for. It’s madness. We might as well write ‘D.V.D.’ or ‘e-mail’. But these are trivial matters compared with THE INCREDIBLE BLU-RAY PEN THAT I GOT AS WELL: