Sunday August 23rd 2009

It’s called ‘Rage’.

This actually looks really good. I love an arty party and this ticks all the funky boxes. It even premiered at the Berlinale. It even explores themes of voyeurism. Here’s a trailer you can have a look at with your eyes:


If you haven’t already worked it out form that, the premise is that the whole thing is a documentary about the fashion industry made by a student, shot on a mobile phone and posted to a blog. It’s all very Web 2.0, I think you’ll agree.

Of course, I do have slight problems with that concept because obviously no mobile phone in the world is capable of capturing the incredibly high definition video that the film was actually shot on, but this can perhaps be overlooked.

The big news about this film is the premiere:

The UK premiere of Sally Potter’s new film RAGE at London’s BFI Southbank will be broadcast live by satellite to a string of digitally-equipped cinemas across the UK and Europe.

Audiences in these ‘remote’ cinemas will not only see all the red carpet action and vox pops before the film, they can actively participate in the onstage Q&A with Sally Potter and members of her cast after the film, putting their questions by SMS or Skype, directly from their mobile phones, or on video via cutting-edge webcast technology which will then feature them as part of the satellite broadcast.

Sounds exciting. You can look for tickets for your local(est) screening here or try and win some on the official website here. Over and out.