Clipping masks > Nipple shots

Tuesday October 25th 2011

Was it just me or was that first poster for David Fincher’s upcoming Dragon Tats remake a little bit rubbish? It’s all very well ‘breaking the nipple taboo’ (though bear in mind that Nuts Magazine also break that taboo every Tuesday) but if it leaves your poster looking like a flyer for a Camden metal night then what’s the point?

Luckily, the main poster for the film has just been released (see right, click to enlarge) and it’s a beaut. Doing right what so many have done badly, badly wrong in the past, the design shows Daniel Craig having a little wander inside the shadows of Rooney Mara’s face (we’ve all been there) and it’s just a very pretty piece of work, let’s be honest.

I especially like the typesetting of the title, which I’ve cut out and pasted below for no particular reason. It is a transparent .png though so feel free to drag it into Photoshop and drop it over pictures of your cats or something.

Oooh lovely.

All that remains now is the torturous wait for the inevitable shoddily bastardised UK quad version. If Sony are reading this, they can have this one for free: