Reaction: Avatar Day

Saturday August 22nd 2009

Yes, that photograph is copyrighted to Fox, thanks for asking.

Everybody and their brother is going around ragging on the Avatar footage. They say it’s ‘cartoony’, they say it’s too much like a video game, they say it doesn’t have heart. They may be right. But they’re probably not.

What we saw yesterday at the BFI IMAX (if you want to see this film properly, go there, *backhander*) was 16 minutes, or about 5 scenes, of the most incredible cinematic brill skills I’ve seen in a long time. Fools were flying all over the fucking shop, monsters were leaping, aliens were attacking, guns were firing, POV shots were present and all of it looked so mad real in the 3D (the best I’ve ever seen). And with the 70mm IMAX quality you can even make out insects flying around in front of the action. Incredible.

As for making it a serious movie, I can tell you that there is quite a realistic scene in a hospital that could be out of Blindness or some shit, and I’m sure you’ll be as excited as me to know that within the 16 minutes shown, we heard both a ‘bitch’ and a ‘shit’.

Fingers crossed for ‘fuck’ come December.

BONUS LINK: Watch this video of the day at the BBC website and spot for nerds. But also listen out for the second last guy they interview because he has it bang on. This is the first film to make an effective use of 3D as a spatial awareness tool rather than a cheap gimmick.